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Bike rentals (full season)

Sports aux Puces VéloGare offers you Quebec's largest selection of bike rentals for the entire season. It's the best way to ride all season without breaking the bank. And, your rental fee can be used as a credit if you buy a bike in-year!

How it works
1. You pick your bike. Call us at 450-777-4438 is you need help selecting.
2. The equipment remains the property of Sports aux Puces VéloGare.
3. You are responsible for taking care of the equipment and keeping it in a state of normal wear.
4. Please return before October 31st. A late fee of $3 per day may be charged after this date.
5. In case of breakage due to misuse or theft, and if the customer has not taken out a protection contract, then the customer will have to pay to Sports aux Puces VéloGare the pre-established market value usually documented in the rental contract. 6. If the customer wishes to buy back the bicycle at the end of season, it's possible to do so at the pre-established buy back value (full suspension MTB are excluded from this program). The reantal fee is then credited towards the pruchase. The customer can buy the rental bike or a brand new bike of the same category and of an higher value only.

Proctection Contract (Optional)
1. In effect only if chosen by the client and if the contract fee has been paid in full at the time of rental.
2. In the event of accidental and sudden failure of the equipment or any part thereof, Sports aux Puces VéloGare will repair (or replace at its discretion) the equipment at no charge. Excluded from this coverage are excessive wear and tear (as defined by the consumer protection office), falls, traffic accidents, and flat tires.
3. If the bike needs brake or gear adjustments during the season, they will be done free of charge by Sports aux Puces VéloGare according to the technicians' schedule.

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