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From beginners to experts, we have the gear for every outdoor enthusiast. We only offer quality products that can endure any adventure.

Bikes are one of the most popular modes of transportation. Whether you're cruising around town or commuting to work, our bikes are designed for speed, comfort, and a smooth ride. Bikes are meant to give you freedom of movement and infinite exploration. Our bikes are designed for long-distance travelers, rugged mountain bike enthusiasts, and everything in between. Whether you're looking for an e-bike or a standard bicycle, our line-up features something for every cyclist.


An E-Bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that assists the rider. They are faster, more efficient, and easier to use than standard bikes. Our e-bikes are a fast and fun way to get around town. They come equipped with battery-powered motors and all-terrain tires, which make them great for biking trails and city streets alike.

The benefits of an electric bike are many and include a reduction in effort when cycling, increased speed and range, as well as prevention of strain on the knees, back, and neck. They require minimal maintenance, are easy to use, and are environmentally friendly. You'll have fun riding with friends or family in the fresh air, while you cut down on carbon emissions from other modes of transport.

Whether you're looking to ease your commute, or just explore the world around you in a new way, electric bikes offer an efficient and fun solution with benefits beyond those of standard bicycles.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for big air, steep descents, and craggy mountain trails. The right mountain bike can help you get off the beaten path while exploring new places and charting new territory.

The mountain bike's geometry, suspension, and treads allow it to perform well across a variety of conditions. They are used for downhill biking (often simply referred to as downhill or downhill riding), all-day adventure rides, trail riding, freeriding, and so much more. The diversity of its uses makes it appealing worldwide to a wide range of riders.

For the aspiring adventurer, our full-suspension mountain bikes will withstand rough terrain and weather. The rugged nature of these bikes makes them perfect for taking on a variety of outdoor adventures. Discover the best mountain bikes for your needs - whether you’re a fanatical trail rider, enduro expert, or weekend warrior, we can help you find the perfect ride.


Cycling is the perfect way to explore your surroundings and make the most of your free time. With its unique construction, a fatbike can tackle all types of terrain with ease, making it ideal for winter sports, beach days, or camping expeditions. Shop now and find the right fatbike for you at SAP VéloGare!

The Fatbike is a winter favorite for many riders. These bikes are equipped with huge tires and a special frame to give you the best of both worlds; speed and agility. The large volume of air pressure in these tires and the low center of gravity enable you to ride over deep snow and other hazards that may be encountered on your tour.

Fatbikes are made for fast and light adventures in the great outdoors. Fatbikes are not just great on snow, they excel in sand and mud, too. These bikes pedal great with thick tires and super-low gear ratios that make climbing easy.

Giant Bikes

Since 1972, Giant has been a leader in the bike industry with some of the most innovative and unique designs available. Giant has set out to revolutionize the cycling industry by creating high-quality products that have been optimized for comfort and performance.

Thule Bike Racks

Thule bike racks are the best choice for transporting your bikes safely and securely. Their expert engineers have designed every one of these racks with ease of use, safety, and durability in mind, so you never have to leave your passion behind.

Cycle racks from Thule support a wide range of bikes, from BMX to cruiser and road bikes. Choose from rear packs or roof carriers for on- and off-road use, including hitch-mounted designs that can carry up to 4 bikes. With all the options you'd expect from a world leader in bike transport equipment, Thule bike racks are made to keep your bike safe and secure during transport.

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