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Open 7 days a week and located right onto the L'Estriade bike path, our workshop is one of the busiest in Canada. We offer complete service and knowledge for: Skis, Bicycles, E-Bikes and Skates.


Call us at 450.777.4438 to book an appointment or do it online with the button below


Sharpening: 8$ taxes included (6.95$)
New Blades: Starting at 70$/pair



Complete maintenance*: 40$
Complete + stone edge tuning**: 50$
Complete + stone + hot wax***: 75$
Extra express service 24h: 10$
Edge tuning only: 20$
Extra stone edge tuning : 20$
Universal Waxing: 15$
Hot Iron Wax: 30$
Bindings Adjust: 15$
Bindings Install: 39$ *Redrill extra 10$
Alpine Touring binding install: 50$
Cutting of ascension skins: 40$
Touring kit preparation: 60$
Skin glue restoration : 100$
Board bindings installation: 10$
P-Tex repairs and more: Starting at 20$
Major repairs: Starting at 40$
Cleaning/waxing of cross-country skis: 40$
* Base leveling + sharpening + WaxJet
** Base reparation + ceramic sharpening + WaxJet
** Base reparation + ceramic sharpening + hot iron waxing done with love



Basic - 60$
Bike inspection
Bike frame cleaning
Security check-up (tightening, etc.)
Brakes adjustment
Derailleur adjustment
Chain lube
Inflate tires
Deluxe - 150$
All the "Basic" elements +
Transmission cleaning 
Installation of new parts 
Bearings adjustment 
Lubrication of cables  
Wheels adjustment
"Graissage Complet"
Road/ Hardtail - 250$
Mountain full suspension - 375$
All the Deluxe elements +
Cleaning of all the parts
Cleaning of the breaking surfaces
Lubricating of the rollers and pivots
Greasing and adjusting of the hubs
Greasing of the bottom bracket
Greasing of the steering gears
Full alignment of the wheels
Verificaiton of the suspension


Installation of brake pads: 15$
Changing of cables or sheath internal : 25$
Changing of cables or sheath External : 15$
Brakes adjustment: 15$
Gear adjustment: 15$
Disks alignment: 23$
Bartape installation : 23$
Bleeding of disk brakes: 30$
Tire installation: 15$
Tubeless installation: 25$
Electric bike tires installation: 25$
Precise wheel alignment: 30$
Precise motor wheel alignment: 70$
Hub lubrication (ball bearing, balls included) : 55$
Premium Hub Lubrication (Sealed bearings not included): 55$
Tire pressure check: 0$
Crankset adjustement : 20$
Headset adjustment: 15$
Chain cleaning: 9$
Chain installation: 15$
Cleaning of the cassette: 9$
Crankset cleaning: 15$
Chain lubrication: 5$
Cleaning of the frame: 20$
Alignment of the derailleur hanger (adjustement included): 30$
fixed parts: Hourly rate
Bike(s) pickup and delivery in Granby and surroundings: 25$
Bike assembly: Hourly rate
Wheel assembly: Hourly rate
Accessory installation: Hourly rate
Hourly rate: 75$
Prices do not include parts and applicable taxes and are subject to change depending on complications encountered (rusty screws, hidden breaks, etc.)



Storage only: 60$
+ Base tuning: 85$
+ Deluxe tuning: 120$
+ Full greasing: 200$
+ Electric bike tuning (including the charging of the battery) **: 250$
Extra home pickup ***: 20$ pickup (35$ pickup + delivery)
* Storage period: November 1st to April 1st (a fee of $3/day will be charged for each additional day of storage)
** Not applicable for scooter type electric bikes and tricycles
*** Within a 16 kilometer radius of the store



wheels + bearings installation: 15$
Wheels rotation: 10$
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