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Children Bikes

Your little adventurers are ready to take the lead and blaze their own trail? At SAP Vélogare, we're honored to present our range of children's bikes, designed to introduce young cyclists to a world of endless discovery and pure joy. Let us help you choose the perfect road companion for your budding champions, where quality meets safety and fun.

Our Catalog: Discover Our Star Bikes for Kids

Bright and sturdy bikes for thrilling adventures, explore our selection of bikes for kids ready to capture the hearts of the youngest:

  • Galaxy Boy 20'': A radiant choice for beginner explorers.
  • XtC SL Jr 24 OSFM Black: For young mountain enthusiasts aiming for the peaks.
  • Liv Adore 12: A bike that will charm both parents and children alike.
  • Leopard 24'': The perfect choice for young budding cyclists ready to conquer new horizons.
  • Animator F/W 16: Make your child happy with this safe and stylish bike, designed for hours of fun.
  • XTC Jr 24 Lite: The ideal option for young adventurers seeking speed and stability.

Our Expert Tips for a Free Wheel Start

Navigating the world of cycling can be daunting for little beginners and their parents. Fortunately, our experts are here to light your path with helpful tips:

  • Size Selection: Ensure your child's feet can touch the ground for increased confidence and safety.
  • Think Accessories: Add a touch of fun with sparkling accessories like bells or stickers.
  • Initiation Workshops: If your child is taking their first steps on a bike, why not enroll them in initiation workshops to learn the joys of cycling while having fun.


FAQ: Our Children's Bikes for Safe and Fun Adventures

When is the right time to introduce my child to the world of cycling?

As soon as their curiosity allows! Typically starting with tricycles or balance bikes between 3 and 5 years old.

How do I choose the perfect helmet for my child?

A good helmet should be comfortable without being too tight, with about a finger's width of room between the forehead and the helmet.

What safety features should a child's bike have?

Look for bikes with easy-to-use brakes, ergonomic grips, and an adjustable seat for a comfortable and secure ride.

Can I customize my child's bike with special paints and stickers?

Absolutely! Your child will love their bike even more if it's personalized to their desires and preferences.

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