ROME Fixation de planche Shift

The Rome Shift Snowboard Bindings may kick your hunger for snowboarding into high gear. Lightweight straps and the women's specific Shift Highback offer superior all-day comfort, while full highback rotation allows you to properly align with the heelside

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ROME Fixation planche D.O.D.-G2 Andes Mint

The Rome DOD snowboard bindings aren’t built with just the park in mind, but don’t be surprised if that’s where they lead you. The majority of the Rome team – primarily a gaggle of freestyle fiends – rate this above all else, and it’s easy to see why.

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ROME Fixation de planche Targa G1

Product Description
The Targa is our triple Black Diamond, beefcake of a binding for riders who want explosive, hard-charging performance. When the team is hitting SuperPark-sized features, they only trust the bombproof stability of the Targa. Built on t

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ROME Fixation planche Madison Boss

A staple in our women’s binding line, the Madison Boss is the go-to for riders who want a sturdy and reliable binding. Built on our UnderWrap.2 heel hoop and backed up by the Contour Boss Ankle Strap, the Madison Boss is calling the shots and

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ROME Fixation snowboard 390 BOSS

The fully redesigned Rome 390 Boss is a freestyle workhorse of a binding. This tried and true binding gets a new highback, new FullWrap platform and the super-tweakable PureFlex ankle strap. Park rats take notice, everything just got easier.

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Grab the award-winning 2019 Rome Kashmir Snowboard for Women this season and be the ruler of any obstacle that comes your way. The Kashmir women's snowboard is a twin-shaped freestyle and all-mountain board that is ideal for the woman who is looking to ge

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